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MOST[2017YFA0402701] 2 NSFC[11673066] 2 NSFC[11873019] 2
100 Talents Project of the Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS) 1 Advanced European Network of E-infrastructures for Astronomy with SKA (AENEAS) project - European Commission Framework Programme Horizon 2020 Research and Innovation action[731016] 1 CAS[QYZDJ-SSW-SLH047] 1
ERC Advanced Investigator Grant GLOSTAR[247078] 1 Key Laboratory for Radio Astronomy, CAS 1 NSFC[11503033] 1
NSFC[11933011] 1 National Science Centre Poland[2016/21/B/ST9/01455] 1 Open Project Program of the Key Laboratory of FAST, NAOC, CAS 1
Youth Innovation Promotion Association of CAS 1