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  And Summarizes The Characteristics Of The Power Spectral Density And Autocorrelation Function Of Mboc Signal. Code Tracking Precision Of The Two Signal. Are Analyzed And Compared. (2)
  Classic Power Spectral Density And Auto-Correlation Function Of Boc And Mboc Signals Are Studied
  Gnss Interoperability Signal Performance Analysis Signal Is Very Important For The Satellite Navigation Service, Which Determines The Navigation Accuracy. Gps And Galileo Have Made The Mboc Signal As The Baseline Of Interoperability Signal, More Specialists Work On The Interoperability Signal Design And Performance Analysis In Recent Years. As Mboc Plays An Important Role In Interoperability Signal, The Research Of Mboc Interoperability Performance Is Useable. This Paper Introduced The Basic Theory Of Mboc Signal, Analyze The Correlation Characteristics, The Tracking Accuracy. And Multipath Error Of Interoperability Signal Tmboc And Cboc.(2)Gnss Interoperability Signal Interference Analysis.Gnss Interoperability Will Take More Visible Satellites And Navigation Signals For Users. The Realization Of Gnss Interoperability Is A Process Of Multi-Gnss Resource Sharing, And Union Of Signals From Systems. So, Monitoring The Anti-Interference And Interference Level Of Mboc Is An Important Work For The Choice Of Future Interoperability Signal. This Paper Analyzed The Spectrum Separation Coefficient, The Code Tracking Interference Coefficient, Interference Coefficient And Equivalent Carrier-To-Noise Ratio Of Tmboc And Cboc.Signal. This Paper Also Analyzes The Weil Code And Random Code Performance.
  The Modulation Methods